Chapter 8

Romans Chapter 8


Halleluyah! There is no longer any condemnation awaiting me! The Torah of the Spirit has set me free from the Torah of sin and death!


Thank you,Yehovah, for sending Yeshua to execute punishment against the sin in my human nature. I no longer identify with my old nature, I have set my mind on the things of the Spirit so I am no longer controlled by death but by life and peace. Shalom! My mind loves Yehovah, I submit myself to His Torah and please Him.


I belong to Messiah Yeshua so the Spirit of Yehovah is living in me and I keep putting to death the practices of the body so I will live.


Lead me Spirit of Yah. Deliver me from slavery to fear. Help me in my weakness. I don’t know how to pray as I should.


With you for me, Heavenly Father, none can stand against me. By your Spirit and in Yeshua’s name nothing can separate us. Halleluyah! Amen