Pruning Snow 0840

This snow has been awesome in its falling. The trees received attention that has left them beautifully decorated. Each flake so devoted to the surface of its tree that only the above freezing temperature was able to bring about departure from its bark-covered perch.  No wind is able to blow the snow from the trees.  Snow did not fall off because of the abundance of accumulation.  Trees received the snow until it stopped falling.  At the snows end some trees stood tall and straight, bearing their covering royally.  Other trees stooped beneath their heavy coat of dazzling white, bending out of shape, never to be the same again.  Once proud fixtures of the landscape they now detract from its beauty.  They no longer belong.  Trees and shrubs that once had the appearance of extensive growths begin to look bare now, in comparison to their former state, as the weaknesses become apparent under this glorious white weight.  Branches fall to the ground and shrub appendages assume a splayed appearance, slowly, as unnecessary growths separate from the core of the plant.  The carnage is alarming, at first, as parts once thought of as vital litter the ground and become obstacles in our paths.  But once the roads and lawns are cleared and damage is repaired, it becomes obvious that the trees are better for it.  No longer weighted down with vain extremities, only lush strong branches able to bear the weight of white glory remain, containing the promise of fruitful abundance.

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