Pesach Prayer

Pesach prayer


I exalt you Yehovah! You ARE G-d! You are One! I willingly believe that. Thank you for your firstborn: Yeshua!; for His redeeming blood. May it never be said that I was so hardhearted to You, that the only way you could be glorified through me was by sealing me in my hardened state. I submit to you. Halleluyah! Yeshua is Yehovah! May my existence be full of life and your light shine brightly, always!


I thank you for your favor; for the wealth of the wicked you have laid up for me. Thank you for making my enemies to be at peace with me and moving them in accordance with my wellbeing that not even a dog’s growl will be heard against me or mine.


I remove leaven from our midst. I say ‘no’ to hypocrisy and undercover evil. I plead the blood of Yeshua over my household; death pass over! Halleluyah!


Yehovah, keep vigil over us as you move us into abundant provision and places of authority. May our freedom bring glory to your name!