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Men Are Necessary -2

CHILD'S CRY comment
Men are neccessary.  They are what God started with.  There has to be a starting place.  Try to start counting from a number other than 1 or a different number everytime and you will see how important it is to have an agreed upon starting point.  Try letting every person in a race pick their own starting place; talk about chaos.  Recordkeeping would be a nightmare.  
Being male means being marked for recognition by the Recordkeeper.  It means being a starting place...where order begins and chaos ends.  Being male means when you marry you are the head-the part that's most readily grabbed ahold of.  You are the main point of focus in a struggle or in a time of accounting.  You are also the most humble in your family.  Scripture gives Yeshua as your husbandly example.  Want more authority?  Give your life. 
If there's a child, then a husband/father is neccessary.  A child who has never known a father is lacking necessary order and protection.  Fatherless children have problems children with both parents in the home, don't.  There is a huge shortage in the labor pool supplying the American family.  The husband/father position is standing open(we're trying to count without the number 1) or the position is being filled by mothers(another number is doing double-duty).  Sounds like chaos.  Females can't be males anymore than males can be females, despite what the medical field and Godless politicians say.  If the husband/father leaves the family, the wife and children take his irresponsibility on themselves as guilt and/or anger.  His abandonment sabatoges his children's marriages.  Why is this important?  No marriage, no Body of Messiah.  A child who has never known a father is less likely to see that one is neccessary or to give marriage priority.  A child who's father divorces is less likely to believe marriage works.  And the cycle continues.  No marriage, no Body of Messiah.

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