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Unavailing Prayer 

The Body of Messiah no longer has the God-given ability to internally cleanse. It is being cleansed externally with manmade solutions. We're in really bad shape. The Body of Messiah has to engage in spiritual exercise/discipline. We can do it, but we don't want to. Avoiding discipline is avoiding spiritual authority.  We need to pray, but can't do so legally-in righteousness, because of unrepented of abuses. The "Church" doesn't want to be held accountable so we find ways that don't involve discipline to keep going. We pray according to man's standard-righteousness not required. Unavailing prayer.

Yom Teruah 2010 

A time is coming when The Church, as we know it, will come to an end.  The mother assembly will be damaged beyond repair and every assembly that has it as its source will be a target for destruction.  The Church will be openly viewed as the enemy and the protections currently experienced will be taken away.  We will be vulnerable to the world in a way we haven't been.  Those who wish to destroy us will no longer be held in check.  The balance of power will shift in the enemy's direction.  The friendliness that exists between the church and the world will be revealed as the satanic deception it is.  Diplomatic relations with the enemy will cease to be an option and the fact that we have engaged in diplomacy with the enemy of our souls will be obvious and it will be obvious that it was a mistake. (The Spirit of Cain was officially accepted by the Body of Messiah through Constantine the Great's administration. We must repent and return to the ways of Creator)

We must be ready... with authoritative word...with truth...without it there's no justice(righteousness).We must be ready with righteousness.  Hearts of impartial Character (justice) The just (righteous) shall live by faith (trust in Messiah...an observant Jewish Messiah)

We must be ready...with word, with discernment, with wisdom and the willingness to consult our heavenly Father about everything-intercession.

We must be willing...to use our time to pray and worship our Father.  We must give priority to the disciplines of our faith-prayer, fasting, meditating, reading The Word of our God.  We must worship Jehovah, spiritually and truly.  (if it's not Truth, the spirit is questionable. if it's not Truth, it's not love.  Without Truth there is no Justice. G-d is love and He is Truth)(Righteousness and Justice are the foundation of His throne.  Grace and Truth walk before Him as attendants. Ps 89:14)

We must become...a house of prayer.

We must be willing...to speak boldly...authoritatively.

We can no longer leave this to a select few.  We all must take personal responsibility for ourselves, our giftings.  We must not take our protection and the protection of what we've been given to birth spiritually for granted and we must not leave it to "leaders" any longer.  We must be proactive in the stewardship of what Jehovah has given us and willing to speak the Word authoritatively in the face of opposition.  We have to protect ourselves with it.  Not waiting for those who have positions in the congregation.  

The word is powerful. The congregants must be as all armed with the Word of G-d as the recognized leaders or they will be defeated by the enemy.

We must get ready.

We must consecrate...ourselves, purify ourselves and whatever we've been given stewardship of.  We must spend time in behavior that purifies.  Worship Jehovah. Pray. Fast.  Meditate on the Word.  You must speak the Word with authority and power if we are to survive.  

Get Ready!

Israel is the hub...not The Church...not America-what's going on there is what's really going on.

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem


Men are necessary

No marriage, no Body of Messiah

Revival of the Biblical Church will not come until men become priests of their own homes

  Man got his physical body first. That was God's order.  Once you remove man there is no order. Take the numbers 1,2,3,4. Neither is better by itself but they each have a unique purpose.  If any of those numbers existed alone they would be inadequate for the job of numbering.  One is our first number.  You cannot begin with any other number.  If a person begins counting at any other number, the count will be incorrect.  The number "one" cannot be eliminated and proper order be maintained.  It is the same with men, women, and children.  Remove men and order becomes chaos. No matter how good a woman is at being a woman, she cannot be a man.  She can even, these days, change her physical body to look like a man, but she is still not a man.  If she were to be born again after changing her physical body and died with that body, her glorified body would reflect the truth.  She would look like a woman.  Some things can't be changed.  Man being created physically first, used for the purpose of record keeping and keeping order, is one of them. Men are necessary.

Men are neccessary.  They are what God started with.  There has to be a starting place.  Try to start counting from a number other than 1 or a different number everytime and you will see how important it is to have an agreed upon starting point.  Try letting every person in a race pick their own starting place; talk about chaos.  Recordkeeping would be a nightmare.  

Being male means being marked for recognition by the Recordkeeper.  It means being a starting place...where order begins and chaos ends.  Being male means when you marry you are the head-the part that's most readily grabbed ahold of.  You are the main point of focus in a struggle or in a time of accounting.  You are also the most humble in your family.  Scripture gives Yeshua as your husbandly example.  Want more authority?  Give your life. 

If there's a child, then a husband/father is neccessary.  A child who has never known a father is lacking necessary order and protection.  Fatherless children have problems children with both parents in the home, don't.  There is a huge shortage in the labor pool supplying the American family.  The husband/father position is standing open(we're trying to count without the number 1) or the position is being filled by mothers(another number is doing double-duty).  Sounds like chaos.  Females can't be males anymore than males can be females, despite what the medical field and Godless politicians say.  If the husband/father leaves the family, the wife and children take his irresponsibility on themselves as guilt and/or anger.  His abandonment sabatoges his children's marriages.  Why is this important?  No marriage, no Body of Messiah.  A child who has never known a father is less likely to see that one is neccessary or to give marriage priority.  A child who's father divorces is less likely to believe marriage works.  And the cycle continues.  No marriage, no Body of Messiah.
No earthly families, no spiritual family.  MEN ARE NECCESSARY. 
I thank God  for the rare husband/father.  I do not mean the physically present, emotionally absent, spiritually crippled counterfeits who love the privilege of being first. without the responsibility of being first. They do as much damage as the absent fathers.  I am referring to those that are willing to be first in the area of responsibility and count it a privilege.  May they receive everything they need to be "Man" and may they be blessed with the Father's heart for their wife and children.  Amen

Pruning Snow 0840 

This snow has been awesome in its falling. The trees received attention that has left them beautifully decorated. Each flake so devoted to the surface of its tree that only the above freezing temperature was able to bring about departure from its bark-covered perch.  No wind is able to blow the snow from the trees.  Snow did not fall off because of the abundance of accumulation.  Trees received the snow until it stopped falling.  At the snows end some trees stood tall and straight, bearing their covering royally.  Other trees stooped beneath their heavy coat of dazzling white, bending out of shape, never to be the same again.  Once proud fixtures of the landscape they now detract from its beauty.  They no longer belong.  Trees and shrubs that once had the appearance of extensive growths begin to look bare now, in comparison to their former state, as the weaknesses become apparent under this glorious white weight.  Branches fall to the ground and shrub appendages assume a splayed appearance, slowly, as unnecessary growths separate from the core of the plant.  The carnage is alarming, at first, as parts once thought of as vital litter the ground and become obstacles in our paths.  But once the roads and lawns are cleared and damage is repaired, it becomes obvious that the trees are better for it.  No longer weighted down with vain extremities, only lush strong branches able to bear the weight of white glory remain, containing the promise of fruitful abundance.