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Challenging G-dlessness in the Church with Biblical perceptions

Without Truth there's no Justice

Imperialists colonized the Hebrew nation and called it Christianity.


Christianity claims to be based on the person and teaching of Jesus of Nazareth; that is part of the accepted definition of Christianity.


Yeshua of Natzaret taught Israel that the Oral Torah(Oral Law, Traditions of Man that make the Torah of G-d ineffective) does not ever supersede the Torah(Law handed down from Yehovah to Moshe). He claimed to be the Messiah spoken of in the Torah.


People of His time on earth tried to destroy His credibility by saying he wanted to abolish the Torah; a slanderous accusation foundational to Christianity.


Messiah Yeshua's response was that He did not come to abolish Torah, but to fulfill it; a Truth that can be hard to understand if one only has a colonized version of Biblical text.


As with other instances of colonization names of people, names of places, and names of times have been changed in Biblical texts to obtain political control, originally, over Semitic followers of a Semitic Messiah, then followers of any of the versions of Messiah that resulted from their economic exploitation. It is one of the most insidious plans the Enemy has carried out.


Constantine, and those of his ilk, were...are imperialists who have hijacked Messiah Yeshua's identity and defiled it.